Toscobosco, the house of truffles

Effetre srl is placed in Arezzo, Tuscany and markets fresh italian truffles in every season of the year. Toscobosco® is the brand of the home-made specialities that we produce, based especially on truffle and mushrooms. We propose a big range of products which fit well with every kind of cuisine, that’s why we provide some of the best restaurants in the world and starred Chefs.

The power of Toscobosco® is the one to be able to transfer to its products the pure and natural characteristics of the raw materials without any artificial alteration (unfortunately common in the market) always maintaining what Nature established.
Our purpose is to value what is genuine and our daily work focus on tastes and flavours that the wood spontaneously gives to us: herbs, roots, fruit and first of all Truffle, the King of this habitat.

For us it means to really love and respect our Earth.
This is the secret of our quality

Toscobosco® means also respect for traditions: some of our artisan receipts are made to reproduce Tuscan life style. Respect for the experience: we provide some of the best restaurants and Chefs of the world and we always take in consideration their advices in order to grow up and refine our proposals.

Respect for people... we always take care of our customers needs.

We want to transmit the love that we have for our land and we want to become leaders of our field always maintaining our idea of the world and our morals.
For that reason what we do every day is to ask to our customers to follow us and share the respect for this beautiful world.