Tuber magnatum Pico

The season begins on 1st October and it lasts till 31st December*
It is called White Truffle, “Alba truffle” or “Acqualagna truffle”  
It grows in many regions of Italy such as Piedmont, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzi and Molise.

The White Truffle is the most precious truffle on Earth. It has a remarkable commercial role.
It only grows in Italy where it can find the specific territorial structure that it needs to born and it has a typical and intense aroma that makes it unique and cherished. 
Part of its value is due to the fact that it cannot be cultivated, contrary to other varieties of truffle.

It has an irregular form and variable size... the bigger it is, the most precious it becomes. 
Its external skin in smooth and its colour varies from cream to mustard yellow,
inside it is ocher with thin white veins. The colour can change depending on the root near which it grows.

The White Truffle has to be used raw, cut or shred directly on the top of the dish. 

*the setted dates could change according to the annual schedule that every single region draws up.