Nocetta with Truffle

  • Nocetta with truffle

Nocetta with Truffle

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: WHITE SAUCE BASED ON MASCARPONE CHEESE, NUTS AND SUMMER TRUFFLE (Tuber aestivum Vitt). High output product. Produced with high quality raw materials. Sterilized. No preserving agents, no colourings.

SHELF-LIFE AND STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Three years at room temperature. Once opened, store in refrigerator.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Perfect with pasta (as a condiment or as a filling), gratin and dessert. It can be diluted with pasta cooking water to obtain a lighter sauce; with cream, flour, fresh cheese to make it more consistent. To be tasted as an accompaniment to fresh fruit (grapes and pineapple) and dried fruit (nuts and pine nuts).

AVAILABLE SIZES: 90g, 180g glass jar
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